Saturday, May 12, 2007

The Eggmen

My friend, Rachel, and I decided to embark upon a mid-finals rendez-vous to Central Market today. We had gotten pretty tired of studying for our Physical Science final, and needed some sustenance. I hadn't done well on my previous final, and so, for the last 16 hours, it's been all about PS304. Hopefully something good will come out of this.

It must be something about those Market/Dining places around here-- people love them. We had to wrestle through some pretty gross traffic on Lamar, and, as I figured, all of that traffic was going to Central Market. Moms, babies, Grandpas, you name it, they were all there. As we sifted through the many people waiting in line for food, we ventured around the buffet-style vendors, eternally saying "Excuse me," to a mom whom had just bumped into us, racing for that last bucket of Chicken Tortilla Soup. It was hard. But we pulled through.

Upon checking out with our food, Rachel beat me to a "good line" and ended up making it out before I. I asked her to find a table outside, and yet, little did I know, there was no seating at all. MOMS EVERYWHERE.

I tried to find her, and amidst my search, realized that there was an event going on- a concert that was getting ready to get started, and the band...The Eggmen. Obviously a Beatles Cover band. Then it all came together. The Moms, the grandpas. All for the glory of hearing Beatles tunes live once more.

As the band played, we noticed a cultural phenomenon of sorts: babies dancing, moms shaking their butts with one another, and some old guy with a yoga shirt twirling around, oblivious to the world around him, and, inevitably, everyone tapping a foot to the beat. (I swear, the Yoga guy was the most incredible human being dancing I have ever witnessed first-hand. I was impressed.)

I think this is why I love Austin so much. Or maybe it's why I love music so much. Either way, We learned a few valuable lessons today: Everyone likes the Beatles. Bring your kids to Austin and they will grow up to be hippies. That's really neat. And, it only takes good music to bring people from different worlds together.

World Aid, anyone?

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

A response to the gentle interaction of created and creator

the sounds of leaves comes as the breeze moves
from the tops of the trees to the bottoms
and up through again and in and out
as an invisible visitor, hindered not
and free
the breezeleaves float
some escaping through thick air
riding tiny particles of sea
the sea the air the leaf
work together in a dance of subtle movement

the moist leavesbreeze hits my cheek as i sit
and i am surrounded
whispering shhhhh's and song
speaking through these breaths of mine
were once naught
i am reminded
of the leaves
of the breeze
of the seas
and the breath that was supplied by one great breather
that we leavesbreezeseas may breathe his name

in and out and up and down again
together in a dance without the lights on
with subtle movements like a lover's first touch
without effort.
like a song