Monday, December 22, 2008


A funny thing happens when you get engaged. There is some sort of newness that is brought into your life, a newness of self and desire. Life is no longer lived for myself, but with another in mind. Life is no longer based on my successes or my failures. Life is aimed at becoming one with my other. 

This new feeling of life is omnipresent. There is no escaping that which is inevitable. I will be sleeping with a man in nine months... in the same bed. This period of betrothal is surely opening my heart, as I become a woman whose life is to be lived with another. Already, I feel more beautiful, loved, embraced. It is a wonderful, memorable moment.

I love to know that my friends who will someday be engaged might feel this feeling - of truly belonging. I love to know that someone will love them beyond what they can imagine. And, I love to know that I have experienced this love myself, and will continue to in the next nine.

Preston proposed at the top of the Continental Divide in Colorado. As we looked out on the beautiful mountain scenery, encased in fresh snow and diamond dust, we wept and clung to one another. To make it better, our new closest snowmobile-riding friends had prepared celebratory cups of dry mix Swiss Miss hot chocolate. What could be more perfect?

The stone is my mothers, the design is my fiancee's, and the finger is mine. How blessed am I to live a life well deserved? To have followed His decree and to feel this new intimacy?