Wednesday, October 1, 2008

For the sake of novelty

I need the kind of saving that requires a bloody war
I'm running out the back while its knockin' at my door
I have not agreed to take it or respect its passing blow
There is power, there is thunder, and I sell tickets to the show

(Soon everything around me will be crumbling to dust and I would be returning to the ravages of lust.)

I am in need of a savior.
I am in need of a savior.

For the sake of injustice, I have profited my own
Pawned my jewels at the corner for some grey and blistered stone
For the sake of novelty, I have whored myself along
Bartered my lasting soul for a brief and hollow song

If there was one thing
in this world I could esteem
then let it carry on me
and witness my first apology